Child Care Policy Research Consortium
Child Care Policy Research Consortium

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A subgroup of Child Care Policy Research Consortium (CCPRC) members oversees planning for the CCPRC Annual Meeting and provides guidance on information-sharing and member engagement.


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CCPRC was created by the Administration for Children and Families (ACF) in 1995 to increase the national capacity for sound child care research, identify and respond to critical issues, and link child care research with policy and practice. Supported by the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation, CCPRC includes former and current grantees and contractors funded by ACF to conduct child care policy-related research.

CCPRC members from across the country are actively involved in planning the CCPRC Annual Meeting, which draws on the experience of participants to identify the issues to be covered and leaders to facilitate the plenary sessions and workshops.

In an iterative manner, the issues identified during the annual research meeting help shape future CCPRC activities, such as the creation of workgroups or roundtables to explore a particular child care policy-related research or methodological issue in an indepth manner. The results of a workgroup or roundtable may include proposed studies, literature reviews, the identification of products to be developed, or other activities as appropriate.

This Web site is designed to support CCPRC's work and includes information about upcoming meetings, the CCPRC Steering Committee, new publications, and existing workgroups. Although much of the site is password-protected, the public portions of the site provide contact information for those seeking additional information about CCPRC.

2012 CCPRC Annual Meeting Session Summaries and Presentations

2011 CCPRC Annual Meeting Project Briefs

2011 STAM-CCPRC Meeting Materials

2011 CCPRC SharePoint Orientation Recording

2010 CCPRC Meeting Plenary Session Audio Recordings

2010 CCPRC Meeting Plenary Session PowerPoint Presentations


CCPRC members are involved with the following topical research groups.

Child Care Decisionmaking

Child Outcomes

Family-Provider Relationship

Early Care and Education Implementation

Quality Initiatives Research and Evaluation Consortium (INQUIRE)

Workforce and Professional Development

Child Care Subsidy Policy

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